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Date added: 01/09/2017 Our Favorite Gluten Free Bloggers

The gluten-free world can be hard to navigate whether you are new to the market or have been gluten-free your whole life; however, with its growing popularity and awareness, it is becoming easier. Stores are carrying more and more gluten-free products and companies—like us J—are dedicated to making them taste great. Not to mention, the internet is full of resources for every gluten-free lifestyle. If you don’t already, you should follow some of the other gluten-free and celiac bloggers out there. We’ve created a list of some of our favorites:

  • Gluten Dude: Gluten Dude has been gluten free since 2007 since he was diagnosed with celiac disease. He’s a blogger with a lot of passion and a mission to help spread awareness and get rid of the misconceptions about gluten free. Gluten Dude’s blog has loads of resources and honest stories for those with celiac disease or anyone just wanting to learn about the gluten free lifestyle.

  • Gluten Free Girl: Shauna James Ahern, or Gluten Free Girl, runs this blog which features just about any gluten free recipe you can think of. Not to mention, Shauna also has a number of Gluten Free Girl cookbooks which you can buy!

  • GlutenAway: This blog is operated by Taylor, a teenage guy out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Taylor isn’t your average teenager though; he has Celiac Disease, POTS, Syringomyelia, and a rare type of Adrenal Disorder. Amid all of these complications, Taylor stays amazingly positive and aims to share his story with the world in hopes to educate others on the gluten free lifestyle.

  • Celiac Chicks: Celiac Chicks is ran by Kelly Courson who has been a blogger since 2003. She shares gluten free recipes, interesting tips, and videos. She even has resources for gluten free restaurants and bakeries across the country and around the world. Celiac Chicks is all about living a hip and healthy gluten free lifestyle.

  • Simply Sugar & Gluten Free: This blog is operated by Amy Green who is passionate about creating healthy meals. By eliminating sugar and gluten from her diet, Amy was able to lose 60+ pounds and keep it off long term. On Simply Sugar & Gluten Free you will find recipes, how-to articles, success stories, and much more.

As a trusted gluten free manufacturer, we are dedicated to creating the best-tasting gluten free products as well as providing information for your GF lifestyle. Here at OMG, we love sharing news and offering you the best tips and tricks for gluten free living. Whether you’re a blogger yourself or just want to learn more about being gluten free, we hope these resources help you in your own unique journey. So if you find a new recipe or have a story about your own experience, share it with us—we’d love you hear from you!