Our Team


Julie Scianna: Owner & President

Favorite OMG Product: Fudge Brownie

Julie diagnosed herself with Celiac Disease after years of suffering with bloating and discomfort. Each doctor visit and diagnosis left her with no answers. After a recommendation from a friend, Julie decided to eliminate gluten from her diet, and the results were astounding. Julie founded OMG...It’s Gluten Free with the idea to make gluten free products taste great again. Now, she no longer sees Celiac Disease as something that limits the way she lives and eats, and she wants everyone to experience that too.



Andrew Hebda: Executive Chef

Favorite OMG Products: Cinnamon Crumb Muffin & Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin

Originally from Glenwood, IL, Andrew joined the OMG team in 2011. Andrew attended culinary school at The Art Institute of California and he continues to be the mastermind behind all of our tasty gluten free products. 


Melanie Helfrich: National Sales Manager
Favorite OMG Product: Fudge Brownie

Melanie is from New Lenox, IL, and she joined our team in 2017. Her passion for sales led her to OMG and has given us the opportunity to grow to new heights. She continues to help us grow by being the connection between OMG and the gluten free community.

We are always looking for new ways for our products to reach the gluten free community. If you’d like to see our products at your local grocer, retailer, or favorite restaurant, please contact Melanie by email at [email protected]

This past weekend I tried your Mac n Cheese and Lasagna for the first time. WOW, was I impressed. The mac n cheese was so delicious! The noodles are not soggy and the cheese was so good! The lasagna was the best frozen lasagna I have ever had!  I have in the past had your muffins and cookies..I cant even begin to tell you how great those are! You nailed gluten free as the Best of many products on the market!  Thank you for all you do!  Catherine, Itasca Il.  12-1-2014

"Best darn brownies we've ever had! Gluten-free or not! thank you!"   10-18-2014

 "EXCELLENT!!!!" 10-21-14

"Today I went to your cafe where Dan and I had the most amazing “Gluten Free Pizza” I have had in the last 24 years sine I have been on the diet!!! This includes the GF items I dined on in Europe." 

 "We were astounded and the Chicken Parmesan was fantastic! I met Andrew who is a genius! It is my personal opinion that you are the best Gluten Free Bakery/Cafe in the state of Illinois!"

 "I am going to post this on my food blog as well as the Windy City Celiac site!"

OMG...It's Gluten Free

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